Custom Electronic Forms

Streamline your processes and stay compliant

Lending is the lifeblood of a credit union, and forms are necessary to facilitate that process as well as deliver various other credit union products. IMS has been developing and programming credit union forms since 1998.

With frequent compliance changes, it’s important to ensure updates are made in a timely manner. Our staff understands the need for rapid turnaround and strives to meet all your credit union’s needs. All our work includes deliverables, so you don’t have to guess what you’re getting and when you’ll receive it.

Not everyone develops credit union forms the same. We develop and program forms to extrapolate as much data as possible from your core database, minimizing prompts as well as the need for staff to manually input data.

Whether you need forms, notices or letters, we have the expertise to deliver. We can even combine notices such as NSF and overdraft to save your credit union on paper and postage.

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