Business Continuity Planning

Hope for the Best and Prepare for the Worst

As a Credit Union, you have to be constantly on alert for the next potential disaster. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a localized threat – like burglary, data theft, fraud, or some other licentious attack – or a regional threat such as a natural disaster. You have to plan for it all.

This can be a challenge, whether your credit union is small, medium or large. What you need is an ongoing, coordinated program of strategies, plans, and procedures – so when disaster strikes, you’re ready.

That’s where IMS’s Business Continuity Services come in. Our BCP Services collaboration offers the following:

  • Program Review and GAP Analysis (Great for Preparation for Auditors and Examiners)
  • Backup and Recovery (Strategy and Design)
  • Risk and Business Impact Analysis (BIA)
  • Mitigation (Action Plans and Strategies for Mitigating Potential Threats)
  • Emergency Response (Program Development and Training)
  • IT/DR Plan (Vital Records Management and Plan Development)

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