Virtual Desktop

Embrace the evolving desktop

The legacy desktop is going through significant change. End users are more remote than ever before, often working from home, on the road or via branch offices, and accessing credit union resources from a variety of non-Windows devices, including iOS, Android, and Macs. End-user applications are evolving as well, with traditional and cloud applications being delivered from public clouds.

IT is under immense pressure to enable this new mobile workforce without sacrificing security and control. It’s critical to ensure that credit union data and applications are secure and the costs associated with managing end user devices must also be controlled. Credit unions are reevaluating their desktop strategy to cope with these changes.

What’s needed is a robust, secure and affordable solution that accommodates shrinking IT budgets and varied end-user demands while enabling the evolution of end-user computing in a seamless way. With the cloud now being a viable option, the time is right for credit unions to take advantage of cloud-hosted desktops and apps to transform end-user computing into next-generation workspaces.

The Virtual Desktop Advantage

Virtual desktops and apps enable your credit union to deliver virtual workspaces to end-users—including full Windows client desktops, shared desktops and hosted apps—as a monthly subscription service.

Virtual desktops enable a risk-free, incremental evolution of the next-generation workspace. IMS provides a complete virtual workspace from our private cloud, delivering desktops and hosted apps as an easily managed, integrated cloud service. Your credit union can rapidly provision desktops and applications to users on any device, anywhere, and virtual desktops are transformed from the CapEx outlay inherent in physical PC refreshes into a predictable, easy-to-budget OpEx item.

Virtual desktops benefit end-users and IT, as noted below.

For end-users:

  • Superior user experience
  • Unified desktop and application access
  • No compromise, fully customizable desktop experience
  • High level of desktop performance

For IT:

  • Lower cost
  • Enterprise integration
  • Simplified management
  • Extended credentials and security policies
  • Integrated security

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