Disaster Recovery

The DR Advantage

  • Don’t Be Let Down. IMS’s DR assistance minimizes down-time and allows for prompt business restoration.
  • Meeting of the Minds.  Secure branch communications are established to allow for immediate connectivity.
  • Strength in Numbers. Our third-party connections allow for member access to ATM’s, Internet Banking, Shared Branching and more.
  • Keeping it Real.  On-site backups and real-time replication allow IMS to begin the recovery process with near-zero data loss.
  • Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure. We provide no-cost annual testing to verify the integrity of your data and fine tune recovery objectives.
  • 24/7/365. IMS Crash Response Team is on stand-by morning, noon and night.


Ensure a quick recovery if disaster strikes

IMS provides Disaster Recovery services ensuring that in the event of any unforeseen circumstance, our clients are able to quickly resume operations.

IMS’s suite of disaster recovery solutions accommodates a full range of needs to assure as smooth and expedient a recovery process as circumstances allow. We realize that to have a thorough disaster recovery solution, you need the hardware infrastructure and technical expertise to perform the recovery.

We also understand you need a disaster recovery provider that can adapt to your needs. We do this by customizing a solution that helps you meet your goals and overcome any challenges you face.

Our disaster recovery solutions will cost-effectively meet your recovery time objectives (RTOs) and recovery point objectives (RPOs). When a disaster occurs, we can begin an immediate recovery because your data resides in our data center.

Additionally, we can route a single site or multiple branches to our data centers in minutes. This means that should a single server crash, we can stand in and have it up and running in minutes, affording you the time to repair and recover your server at your leisure.

Your members will always have access to their funds via ATMs, shared branching, Internet banking and more. We have communication established with many third-party vendors and if we don’t have a relationship with one of yours, our engineers can work directly with the vendor to put one in place.

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