Data Discovery


manager analyzing data on a computer

Data is exploding rapidly through different channels, generating high volumes of unstructured data and a challenge to manage.

Why IMS Data Archiver?

Data management should be simple and cost-effective. IMS has successfully deployed solutions with simplicity for end-users while maintaining ease of installation & usage.

DataArchiver saves up to 80% of primary storage costs, and significantly reduces backup times. Our solution is scalable to manage unlimited file servers in a distributed environment with zero disruption to end-users.

Apart from ease of use, rarely-accessed data is seamlessly archived and managed through policies you create, delivering immediate cost savings based on the data retention policies you set.

Anyone at your organization may access DataArchiver through a secure, web- based portal with capabilities including full-text search, audit trails, ransomware protection, and more.

Flexible Deployment

DataArchiver is delivered as a SaaS
solution, with no hidden costs.

On-premise storage
IMS cloud storage

Powerful Features

Ransomware protection
Data life cycle Management
Data restore/recovery features
Built-in data visualization tools
Zero user impact for archived data
Data compression & de-duplication
Data compliance and e-discovery tools
Customizable, user-friendly UI
Web-based access & simple set-up
Multi-remote site management
Supports Window DFSR, SMB (1, 2,& 3)