Windows & Unix Protection

Data is one of your most valuable assets so it’s important to use the right tools for each job. Instead of using multiple solutions, simplify data protection and manage all your apps in a single platform. Rubrik streamlines data management by assigning backup, recovery and archival schedules in a single policy engine. Using a self-managing architecture saves on time and operating costs.

Designed to be vendor-agnostic, Rubrik supports the leading operating systems, databases, clouds and applications. Utilizing an incremental-forever approach where backups are created incrementally and continuously, Rubrik makes data recovery possible at every single step. This generates capacity and network savings and eliminates the pain of data recovery.

Leverage a unified, scalable and self-managing interface across your physical and virtual environments. Rubrik provides automation with an API-first software platform built for infinite scale.

Bare Metal Recovery for Windows

If a disaster happens, quickly complete a full-system recovery for Windows servers and migrate to any hypervisor or cloud instance with the operating system and critical data intact. Rubrik utilizes native Microsoft tools and automatically updates all connectors on physical databases, servers, and hosts for consistent and fast recovery times.

Instant Access and Recovery

Generate immediate database recoveries, clones and analytics within minutes. You can also locate a single file with predictive search to instantly discover your data, regardless of location.

Self-managing Architecture

Get rid of expensive manual configurations for scheduling and implement automatic updates across all your apps. Instead, use the same easy interface to manage your physical, virtual and cloud workloads in one place. Assign granular permissions to designated users for role-based controls and leverage one policy engine to automate compliance. Manage your operating systems with a few simple clicks.


  • Instant access
  • Automated compliance
  • Single policy engine
  • Data encryption
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