Virtualized Environments

Before hypervisors, most physical computers could only run one operating system (OS) at a time. Now, hypervisors enable multiple operating systems – virtual machines (VMs) – to run alongside each other and share the same physical computing power. VMs mimic an entire computing hardware environment through software, so if one OS is compromised, the others survive.

Virtualization allows for more efficient utilization of physical computer hardware and is the foundation of cloud computing. Cloud computing relies on virtualization and virtualization relies on hypervisors. Essentially, hypervisors support the entire cloud ecosystem.

With Rubrik, your credit union can prepare for a multi-cloud platform that can be used for disaster recovery, testing or development. Deduplication, compression and other data services scale in-line with the cluster to maximize efficiency and savings. Protect and manage any virtual environment with policy-driven service level agreement (SLA) compliance and consumer-grade simplicity.

Simplified Backup and Recovery

With policy-driven intelligence, one policy engine can easily create and automate SLA policy compliance in minutes. Since Rubrik eliminates the complexity of legacy systems, your credit union won’t have to deal with manual job configurations, lengthy setup times and broken job scheduling. It also drives down Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) by eliminating the side effects of VM stunning which can be disruptive to operations.

Freedom of Choice

Rubrik delivers backup, replication, archival, analytics and disaster recovery for the hypervisor of your choice, including VMware vSphere (ESXi), Microsoft Hyper-V and Nutanix AHV. Multi-hypervisor support and migration of VMs to the IMS cloud for test/dev and DR are included.


Create a detailed and accurate inventory, discover application services and deliver dynamic end-to-end inventory within virtualized environments. Instantly search for VMs and files with a global, real-time predictive search on-prem and in the cloud.

Cloud Data Management

Rubrik protects, automates and governs the data lifecycle across multiple data centers and clouds. Enterprises can retain instant access and long-term retention.


  • Near-zero RPOs and reduced operating costs
  • Instant recovery without rehydration or additional storage
  • Support for virtual, physical and cloud applications
  • Instant provisions clones for test/dev
  • Global real-time search on-prem and cloud
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