Replication & Disaster Recovery

Don’t make the mistake of confusing backup for disaster recovery (DR). Whether there’s a disruption due to human error, ransomware attacks, security breaches or even natural disasters, you’ll need a DR plan to get up and running again. Our goal is to help you minimize data loss and reduce downtime with instant recovery.

Using Rubrik, we deliver near-zero Recovery Time Objective (RTO) in the short amount of time it takes to reboot your operating system. And, this is done without impacting ongoing replication or production workloads. Instantly recover virtual machines (VMs), SQL and Oracle databases by mounting files directly on Rubrik and apply transaction logs to restore to any point in time.

Avoid unnecessary network and storage costs associated with global deduplication. Migrate applications to the IMS cloud and save on network costs, time and resources spent on secondary DR sites. Sit back and watch automated execution work.


Replicas are fully recoverable with no rehydration or additional storage provisioning. Rubrik delivers deduplicated replication to organize data across data centers and public clouds. A single policy engine delivers automated replication for both virtual and physical environments for instant recovery.


We deliver a single software solution across your hybrid cloud environment to ensure continuity with data protection and management. With one policy engine, you can define backup and replication schedules for automation and eliminate manual job scheduling. Unified consoles have a responsive interface and make it easier to monitor replication tasks and track potential errors.


Prolonged downtime hurts productivity and the bottom line. Recover instantly from any replica without rehydrating data to another endpoint. Our solution automates the conversion of application data into compute instances on-demand or through policies. Plus, you can search for files across snapshots with predictive search.


  • Cloud instantiation
  • Object-level restoration for Microsoft environments
  • Bare metal recovery
  • Policy automation
  • Hybrid multi-cloud replication
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