Ransomware Recovery

Ransomware is designed to perpetually block access to your data so that it’s no longer usable. Attackers target all kinds of organizations, including municipalities, government cities, educational institutions, financial institutions and healthcare providers. While backups are a key line of defense against ransomware, more advanced tactics are now targeting backups, completely wiping them out.

To protect our customers against these cyberattacks, we use Rubrik’s immutable format which prevents ransomware from even accessing your backups. This type of architecture lets teams quickly restore the most recent set of clean data with little business disruption.

Backup data is immutable, so once data is written, it cannot be altered or deleted off the network. Built into the architecture is a ‘zero trust cluster’ in which operations can only be performed through authenticated application programming interfaces. This ensures a full and quick recovery when systems are compromised.

Immutable snapshots

Don’t get caught with a system that cannot detect ransomware before the next update. You’ll end up with corrupt files in both places. Utilizing an incremental-forever approach, backups are created continuously, and immutable snapshots are built into the platform. Data recovery is possible at any point in time within minutes.

Fast recovery

Rubrik’s backups are immutable when created. Regardless of future attacks, previous backups are never affected. In just a few clicks, the most recent clean state of files, databases and applications are restored with no rehydration. Get back to business and help your business stay ahead of the curve.

Prevent data loss

Taking an isolated recovery approach, Rubrik uses an air gap to separate the datacenter infrastructure from the primary infrastructure. The air gap is closed on a regular schedule for backup updates. Even if the files are encrypted by ransomware, you have ‘air-gapped’ data that has not been affected and is available for recovery.


  • Immutable backups
  • Quick search to find and restore clean files
  • Role-based access for management security
  • Policy-driven automation
  • Minimal downtime
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