Continuous Data Protection

Minimize data loss with a continuous stream of recovery points for the best data protection against threats and corruption. Rubrik’s natively integrated solution offers management simplicity and long-term data retention for the ultimate data resiliency. Recover VMs to any point in time or revert to the most recent clean copy with a single click.

Get rid of complex legacy backup systems and integrate multi-system solutions, such as data orchestration and catalog management, into a single software platform. With continuous data protection, your credit union can minimize downtime, scale up architecture and save costs.

Native Integration

Rubrik’s continuous data protection is built into the same data management software that manages backup, disaster recovery and replication. Manage all your data through one responsive interface.

Near-zero RPO

Recovery Point Objective is all about time measurement. How much data will your credit union lose from the loss event to the most recent backup? Rubrik provides a continuum of recovery points using a journal-based system to log all changes that occur within a specific timeframe. Avoid data loss and minimize downtime with any point-in-time recovery.

Streamlined Management

Activate your most critical controls and policies with a simple swipe. The simplicity of Rubrik allows users to assign policies to define retention, replication and backup for databases, applications and virtual machines.


  • Enable near-zero RPOs with a single click
  • Intelligent log management
  • Policy-driven management
  • Native integration
  • Unified console
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