Ensure data is always at your fingertips

IMS implements an automated and unattended backup service ensuring that data held on physical and virtual machines are securely stored off site at an IMS data center.

There’s nothing more important to your organization than your data. It needs to be secure, and it needs to be offsite. IMS understands this, as we were the first service provider to provide offsite backups for financial institutions over 25 years ago.

Technology has changed considerably since then, with the availability of affordable, high-speed bandwidth and efficient de-duplication technology. Tapes fail and nobody wants to drive to the office to replace them. You want cloud backup services that work, restores that are dependable, and data at your fingertips.

Greater efficiencies and greater complexity go hand in hand, so not every backup solution is created equal. Our backup service is powered by Rubrik, the premier backup solution on the market, providing fast, efficient on-premise backup and off-site replication to our secure cloud through a complete software and hardware solution.

Our Rubrik backup solution includes:

backup and recovery

Backup & Recovery

Automate protection and recover faster by consolidating multi-point solutions into a single platform with Rubrik.
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continuous data protection

Continuous Data Protection

Minimize data loss for any point-in-time recovery.
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ransomware recovery

Ransomware Recovery

Protect your data from cyberattacks with a top-of-the-line immutable defense.
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replication and disaster recover

Replication & Disaster Recovery

Minimize data loss and reduce downtime with the right disaster recovery plan.
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virtualized environments

Virtualized Environments

Manage a multi-cloud platform that can be used for disaster recovery, testing or development.
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windows & Unix Protection

Windows & Unix Protection

Simplify data protection and manage all your apps in a single platform that saves on time and operating costs.
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